/whois Entropy aka Physician

Let me introduce myself in the best of net styles.
Gamer, Starcraft and Online Gaming News Writer/Editor

The bulk of my Starcraft News work
Gosugamers.net 550 plus articles
Teamliquid.net articles

PGTour.net PGTour News Portal (over 1500 news posts, 4 million ladder games, all gone, sniff sniff)

Sites that I manage

The project I am most proud
The Broodwar AI Project
Broodwar AI Project

e-Sports stuff
In chronological order (top most recent)

• ex-Editor @ Gotfrag.com
• ex-Editor @ SCLegacy.com
• ex-Editor @ QP.org
• ex-Editor-in-Chief PGTour.net
• Founded and still maintain yellowchrome.org
• ex-Editor @ WGTour
• ex-Editor @ Staredit.net
• ex-Editor @ oGaming
• ex-Editor @ replays.hu
• ex-Editor @ GGL
• ex-Editor-in-Chief Gosugamers.net
• Founder of the Brood War AI Project
• Founded and still maintain Entropyzero.org

Why do I do what I do?
Stress Relief and Starcraft Passion.

Contact Information
You can contact me via my portal
Or e-mail negativegene@yahoo.com
Or msn messenger entropyzero@hotmail.com

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