Title: Starcraft on the Stick (SoS)

Have an old 128 MB usb stick lying around, doing nothing much?
Have an USB mp3 player with 128 MB extra space besides your favourite music?
Don't feel right leavin home without your starcraft cd?
Want to be able to plug'n'play starcraft anytime, anywhere?
In this guide we'll help you make a nice trendy key-ring usb stick with plug'n'play starcraft on it.


Usb mp3 player used in this guide

(note: these programs/files were used in this guide, although others exist that also can be used, but might have slightly different usage (or installation))

This guide starts from the very installation of Starcraft from CDs, so, if you have that (i guess most of you do), just skip to step 2 and continue from there.

STEP 1 - Installation on disk

a) Install Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War

b) Patching
After installation, you have version 1.05 and we suggest patching before anything else.
You can get the latest patch by connecting to battle net, downloading from blizzard web site or using the 7x patcher (picture below), anyhow, the latest is 1.12b, so patch up to that.

STEP 2 - Preparation

(Optional) CD-Key changing In case you're paranoid about your cd-key bought from blizzard roaming around on a USB stick and being used in unknown computers, using the 7x patcher and cd-key generator you can change it to a random one (not working on bnet, but still good enough for a casual lan)

a) Registry exporting
Start registry editor by clicking Start, then Run, then type regedit in the Open box

In the left window of the registry editor, find and open the following branch:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\Starcraft
Right click it (opening a menu), and select Export.
A new window will open (no. 2 in the picture), asking where to save the exported branch, give the file a name (like: "screg" in the example) and save it somewhere (c:\Program Files\Starcraft, where we installed the game). Before you click "Save", just check that the "Selected branch" item is checked (and not "All"!)

b) Editing the exported registry file
Open in notepad the file saved in registry editor. You'll see something similar to the picture below (some lines from the end of the file have been cut out, you'll see them, they're not important to us). On the picture are 3 red marked rectangles, find those lines and change them to to following:
The rest you can leave in peace. Save the file and exit notepad.

STEP 3 - Copying

We're now finally ready to arm the stick with starcraft.

a) Selecting files

Let's check the size of Starcraft. It's 135 MB, of wich 21 MB are maps. Since we're trying to fit this onto 128MB stick, we'll copy the starcraft folder without maps on the stick, and then later add our maps (honestly, how many maps from the original map folder do we play?)

b) Copying files

Plug the stick in, clean it up and copy only the files in starcraft root folder (ignore characters and maps folder). (In case you have a 256 MB stick or bigger, feel free to copy the whole starcraft folder with maps)
Also, add the following files in:

BWload112b.exe (we need it to run sc from the stick, with no cd)
install.exe (this is a ripped install.exe, no music, sounds only, size: 23 MB)
screg.reg (our registry file we made before in step 2.)

And we get:

Now, create maps folder, copy your favourite maps, copy bwchart (never leave home without it!), and you're done!
Congratulations, you're now a proud owner of SoS, Starcraft on the Stick.
Go Play.


There are two ways to use SoS, first is to play directly from the stick (loading time can increase a bit on older sticks, but still playable), and the other way is to copy the Starcraft folder from the stick back on the disk. Either way, one thing must be done before hitting bwload112b.exe (no, not plugging the stick in, wiseguy), you must merge the screg.reg file with registry information to the computer used. Do this by double clicking screg.reg (or whichever name you used in step 2.) and when asked "Are you sure?", hit yes.

So, the three easy steps are:
1. Plug the stick in
2. Double click screg.reg (or however you have named the .reg file)
(optional: 3.o. Copy sc to disk )
3. Hit bwload and play!


1. Each step in this guide might and might not work at your computer, depending on various reasons ranging from your operating system, service packs installed, anti-virus/spyware/... software installed, bad carma, etc...
2. It can also mess up your computer, your data, you life, so use at your own risk!
To make a long story short: If it blows, don't run crying to me!